Thursday, October 11, 2007

Veditz VS A. G. Bell



Orange and Brown Coalition said...

An Anger Production 2007 (c)

I hope you enjoy this film and learn something new about Veditz and A.G. Bell.

Leave a comments of your thought, feedback,and want to know any more question just contact me at

Aidan Mack said...

YOu rock!! Keep it up with good work...


John Egbert said...

I am very, very happy to see your message to the world!!

And I hope to see you at Milwaukee, June 2008 during AGBell Convention.

John F. Egbert
Deaf Bilingual Coalition

Deb Ann said...

You will touch millions and millions' hearts!
I never knew about him , but I'm deeply admired by showing the video of REAL Veditz! He was very beautiful!
I admire you for the big wake-up video clip!

SnoopyFreak02 said...

Wow, I am very impressed about your msg!!!! Keep it up with good work!!!

Unity for ASL!!!!

Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

Wow, that's a phenomenal vlog!

If anyone wants to read the Babbidge Committee Report, you can download it here:

Paul said...

Very good! I remember opening books, pictures and films at Gallaudet College Library in the '70s. It was a shock to see those treasurers.

I am glad you did make a good presentation about Veditz and the sob (AGB).

thanks for sharing!

Judge said...

What a beautiful story!


Keep it coming.

John Lestina --- said...

Long Live ASL!

Michelle D said...

Amazing film! Very powerful message! All I can say is "WOW"

John Egbert said...


I have some hearing parents of Deaf children asked me to contact you if you could add captions or a transcript of you wonderful video post.

I know that it takes time but those hearing parents are the ones that need education/informations.

Respectfully yours,
John Egbert

Carl Schroeder said...

What a masterpiece!
In 1984, I visited St, Michielgestil Institute for the Deaf in The Netherlands.( is the world's leading oral education institution where teachers from all over the world (mostly from the third world countries) come to be trained to apply the oral method. I saw how they enshrined AGB on campus.
I had an opportunity to observe the students at St. Michelgistel. They spoke in exclusively Dutch, and international visitors who did not understand the Dutch language had to accept whatever seemed to work at St. Michielgestil.
AGB is the world-wide Hearing Supremacy organization.

mishkazena said...

Beautifully done. This is a very powerful vlog.

Joey Baer said...

Awesome... It is really important to continue and educate more people the truth behind the whole picture of Deaf education.

Thanks for doing it - you are one perfect example to preserve ASL! :)

Jay said...

Well done! I thought I have known this stuff, but still am amazed to learn yet more things. Your displays of historical artifacts are champs!

Barb DiGi said...

I have got to hand it to you doing a Deaf History vlog!! I got to see this one today and realized I almost miss this great piece of work! Thank goodness I didn't!! Was this for your class presentation? If so, you should get an A+!

mule4350 said...

I Appericate your volg about ASL VS SPEECH and I hope All Hearing would aware to see it soon and better send it to MEDIA in the World!!


Shel said...

An awesome vlog! This is a great way to teach about the legacy of George Veditz! Like Aidan said, keep up the good work!


Deaf Socrate'sTrail said...

unbelieable and interested historical facts you discovered all of those information. Wow, it is very excellent vlog I ever seen! It is very narrative on historical facts that show very well educational informative!!! Your vlog is very subtle!

ASL Risen said...

Great to see you on your own vlog educating us so beautiful preservation of ASL.. You ROCK!!!


Stephen J. Hardy said...

I am so thrilled about your blog and it tickles me with joy! You are the beacon to the world as Gallaudet has forsaken and left the Deaf people into AGBs hands too long. I found out a new breed of Deaf people from RIT are doing what Veditz has left off.

The RIT volcano just erupted.

Way to go RIT'ers!!!

deafk said...

Hi, Martha,

I have tried to watch your fabulous video, but I got distracted over and over with my dear kids last night. I was so curious, but I knew it was wrong time... BUT, this morning, I tried several times before I finally watched the WHOLE flim without distrubtion! :D AWESOME,smile! I almost got knocked out, but I m ok, smile.

Yes, I learned something about this guy, Veditz today.

Good job, Martha! Hope you could keep it up with good work.


DeafSwimmer said...

I would like to comment of Carl Schroeder... About St. Michielgestel Institute School for the Deaf was formerly Oral school.. You were right... However... After 1990, I believe, but I dont remember which year was that... St. Michelgestel Institute School for the Deaf decide to change from Oral to Sign Language... They are doing now both speech and sign language same time... St. Michelgestel Institute School for the Deaf is no longer ORAL school...
That what I learn from someone in Holland. ... Carl, hope you learn something new, too...

Long live Sign Language!!!!!

Regina said...

Wow. Champ! The way you presented and the design of the vlog are appealing! I truly enjoyed this film even though i know about Veditz and A.G. Bell. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Terrie of PA., said...

You doing very well to keep up to keep ASL in the future to beat hearing people to understand what deaf community can do alike hearing.. NO CI.. too!

Keep Up!!!!

NeaLAUGH said...

DeafLady Rock !

I was Oral Deaf School at Scranton,Pa. when I was 3 til 13 yrs old ( Oral Raised ) to changed Total Communication. I missed alot of education,becuz of Oral's brain wash to speak speak speak and no learn of reading,english,math,SS and etc as How Can We understood with no SIGNS ? Big DUH
Look at my 3 deaf sons raised by ASL with BI BI and Great Eduations ! I envy them !
Hello to GOD, Please Grant Our ASL's Bless ! Wisdom Know this Different.

Example: Some Hearing cant learn sign as WHY ? Same with Some Deaf cant learn Oral as WHY ?
Who born and God gift You Who You Are...

Who try to control Deaf World for ORAL that is part of Crime !

**God dislike KKK,Nazi,Cult and etc.

Keep ASL Spirit !


Anonymous said...

Like what Veditz said "As long there are Deaf people on Earth, we always have sign language", therefore God created us, the Deaf people. Amen!
Bob from Indianapolis

Anonymous said...


Patty said...

Veditz said,"..Sign Language is God's nobelest gift to deaf people." Kudos to him!!! Thank you for showing this vlog. BRAVO to you!!!

Greg Vollmar said...

Amen! God creats Deaf People for His Glory. He does not give the Deaf People the limit but He gives us the Beautiful Language which is the Fantastic Accessibility.

Anonymous said...

Another young Lynn Jacobowitz!
Good editing, positions, visual aids and last one is good vlog!

Anonymous said...

Great vlog! Great display of artifacts! Feedback: the term "American Sign Language" did not emerge until 1965 with Stokoe, Casterline & Croneberg, thus Veditz's crusade was on The Sign Language. Also it would be great if you had references so that viewers can read up on Deaf History. Again, great job!

Orange and Brown Coalition said...

Thanks everyone for leaving all those beautiful comments! I felt so inspired from you all guys!

I am sorry that I have not up date any new vlog in this website, but I will make a couple documentary movies on few important deaf people that have been hidden for a long time.

Enjoy this vlog!

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