Friday, January 18, 2008

Rochester Transportation Service (RTS) Complaint forum

RTS compliant forum by NTID Senator, Scott Bailey

Hello, my name is Scott. I wanted to get your attention about a forum that will discuss about the RTS (Rochester Transportation Service) issues. The reason is that many students, especially Deaf students, Handicapped and International students, have problems with the RTS bus service. The RTS Bus service has discriminated against Deaf people. For example, I was waiting outside by Regal Movie Theatre for a bus. According to the RTS schedule, the bus would arrive at 5:49pm. When I saw the RTS bus arriving, I waved my hands. The bus stopped and the bus driver said, "Sure, let's meet over there." I walked to the other side, but the bus left. I was pissed off! So, I had a meeting with Dr. Ellie Rosenfield and she was shocked. She doesn't know what's happened with RTS. For now, there will be a forum next week. Also, there will be a panel discussion about how we can improve the RTS service. The panelists will be students, staff, and faculty. We hope to have a special guest, April Jordan, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of RTS, at the forum to talk about RTS issues. All of you, students, staff, faculty, please come to the forum.
Thank you!

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