Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Signed by Ruthie Jordan 





1. Lack of ASL interpreters 

2. Lack of ASL/English language development as part of the curriculum

3. Lack of valuing ASL skills when hiring new professors

4. ASL is not in the Strategic 2010 plan while English and Spoken communication is mentioned several times.

5. Signing in public places still scores LOW grade 

6. Dormitory and plaque in AG Bell's honor (oral/ aural exclusvist) 

7. Students demand the right to be seen/heard 

WHEN: May 2nd, Friday
TIME: 8am - 5pm 
WHERE: SDC (Student Development Center at NTID) 


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am RIT/ NTID alumni. I am supporting you in 110 percent! All RIT/ NTID alumni are watching NTID Rally closely. We are donating the money for NTID programs which we are not encourage "AUDISM" or "DISCRIMINATING" against any kind of deaf language such as ASL, PSE, and CUED. AG Bell organization is not sole owner of NTID. Alumni, Students and federal government’s money are flowing into NTID’s budget.

brighteyes said...

RIT alumni. It IS time! ASL and Deaf Culture should be NTID priority! not second to English. Get that plaque out of there and change the name of the Bell dorm.
waving hands \\//

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amen, sista....or brother! Not sure if this is a male or female, but I agree with you!

Anonymous said...

Guess you can't handle the truth! Stop being nasty to interpreters and maybe you will get one!

Anonymous said...

I'm Deaf and a native ASL user. I just started a process of applying to RIT/NTID and ended up receiving some correspondence from RIT/NTID.

I've kept tabs on this situation and I'm concerned. First of all, I'm not crazy about a building named after AG Bell but other than that I need evidence pointing to alleged patterns of Audism and more. I'm concerned about quality support services.

Common sense suggests I look at both sides and be objective about this while leaning to one side.

I wonder why is it that not enough RIT/NTID students, faculty, staff and alumni involving themselves in this cause? What's to expect?

Is the problem not as big as seemingly portrayed by Ruthie Jordan on behalf of consenting compatriots?

I'm not suggesting the movement isn't a good idea. Valid points were made here and in past entries on this blog/vlog outlet.

I'm not inviting comparisons and expectations from DPN and UFG but still a pressing question remains: where's the supposed mass in numbers appropriate for deaf of RIT/NTID? Why isn't CSUN and Gallaudet people contributing enough to this as RIT/NTID did for Gallaudet's causes dating back to DPN and UFG?

Please educate me about this and I might as well contribute in a way promoting cordial of relations for the betterment of RIT/NTID complementing that of CSUN, Gallaudet and others notables emerging since ADA was passed into law.

Anonymous said...

thanks for standing up for those of us who are too afraid to stand with you.

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