Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Comments about AG Bell's name in the dorm


DE said...

Right on! (And see you this week in Milwaukee!)


Domvera said...


You said very beautifully! Definitely, NTID enriches our alumni community outgrow with our technology accomplishments after graduation especially the great dynamics of deaf culture and language in empowerment of unity for the next generations.

Way to go!

Nick Vera

P.S. I look forward to see NTID Alumni forum this coming weekend especially my heart goes to DBC.

Penny said...

Well done. Your points were concise and wise. I wonder if Mr. Hurwitz is really listening or is he pretending to be? The plague you mentioned has to be removed. If it is not removed by this fall then go for peaceful protest...no classes, contact reporters, Jewish organizations, community etc until the brain of AGB is removed. If Gallaudet students and faculty could do it then all of you can. It is not hard. Good luck!

Penny said...

My apology...I mean "are" not "were" and you also gave excellent analogy.

David Ennis said...

Yes I totally agreed with your commentary. I strongly believe that we demand that both name and a brief biography of AGBell must fully be removed at once.

I strongly disagreed with some committee members who suggest that the name of AGBell should be stayed intact except the revision of his biography needs to be glamorized because I have never trusted any history revisionists. I believe that most history revisionists are political-motivated persons who tried to remove or discredit the original historial events.

For example, history revisionists from Iran announced that the Holocaust must be invented by Jews as well as AGB history revisionist will say that the sterilization of Deaf children or the ban of Deaf marriage may never be happened so AGBell did not have responsibility for it. That's full of baloney.

Finally, we can't accept any compromise until both name and biography of AGBell must completely be erased from the Dorm B and any future building on RIT campus forever.

drmzz said...

You said it all. EX analogy of the brain and heart still there on bldg., constantly reminding those Deaf souls who pass it. Signing Deaf conform to a new reality nowadays. They go to school to find value in themselves, not devalue themselves because one moron said so. Enuff is enuff!

Anonymous said...

Bell's great-great-grandson, James Grosvenor Watson

James Grosvenor Watson, M.Sc, CED, Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist®, BA, Tufts University, M.Sc, McGill University, Massachusetts State Certification Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped.



mishkazena said...

What a beautiful message, Ruth. I like the proposed new name for the building.

We are rooting for you and hope they'll remove AGBell name completely real soon!

Penny said...


Thanks for the information. I am not surprised about AGB's great great grandson because his extended relatives realized that they can make a lot of money on Deaf children. It is a pure shame to see many Deaf CI users refused to stand up and say NO to CI until there is a law protection for Deaf children. Deaf adult users do not care about deaf children being deprived from using their hands for communication and learning. CI Deaf users are NOT supposed to be our leaders until there is a law that says no CI on Deaf children. There is a law that says no breast implants and cosemetic surgeries on children. Then where is the law for Deaf children? They are not garbage. They are human beings. I can't and refuse to participate CAD and DCARA organizations because our leaders use CI. Our community appointed them to be our role models and for Deaf children. This is something I will never comprehend...

Jean Boutcher said...

Thanks for not giving up!

AGBell Association is a member of a Congressional Hearing Health Committee. The committee agrees with AGBell that the USA should be the most influential country in the world on the EAR and staunchly supports AGBell. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), and Senator Inohyune (D-Hawaii) serve on the committee. Mr. Harkin had a late brother who was a deaf oralist. Some university presidents and BoTrustées have a political wink with Congress.

Keep fighting!

Jean Boutcher said...


That explains why AGBell has switched from oralism to AVT. It is ABell's descendant James Watson
who is an AVT therapist.

I wonder if Mr. Watson has ever
criticised McGill University's
world-famous psychologist Dr.
Laura Petitio who is a staunch
advocate of ASL.

Adam said...

wow! what a wonderful vlog. i agree with you 100%. beautifully said.

Paul said...

Very good analogy! Yes, I fully agree that Bell name should be REMOVED! No buts - No delays - No excuses!!! It is imperative that action be done. I agree to the new name NTID ALUMNI HALL. It represents the variety of deaf students attending NTID/RIT since 1968 and forever as long as NTID is in business.

Good job well done! =)

Paul Kiel

Anonymous said...

I think AGBEll name should remove from building. I remember that when I was student at NTID back in 1977 to 1980. One of several students who want to honor AGBELL, Peterson and Ellington (Right name?) Anyway, that student told me about A G Bell Story, what I learned from student said, invented Telephone, support Deaf people, married to Deaf wife. That's it. so I signed on paper that I supported named AGBELL building. Years, years later, I learned more about AGBELL and I disagree to have his name on building. Those students who talk to many people are betrayed me and others am sure, big time. You may want to check out with former or alumni who do have that experience before.

Anonymous said...

Penny's comments:
"I am not surprised about AGB's great great grandson because his extended relatives realized that they can make a lot of money on Deaf children."

Is there evidence for this? There is very little money to be made in Deaf education, contrary to popular belief.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please put it in writing here what Ruthie suggested by fingerspelling what the new name should be? (Sorry but fingerspelling is a weakness of mine)

About Orange Brown Coalition

Mission: To share with the RIT community about Deaf Culture (language, history, humor, etc.) and related activities.

To facilitate relationships between Deaf and hearing members of the RIT community through awareness of our cultures.

To provide opportunities for self-empowerment and self-advocacy of Deaf people on campus.

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