Friday, March 19, 2010

Memorial Service and Celebration for Dr. Ellie Rosenfield

Robb Adams at NTID announced that Monday April 19 will be the date of the on-campus memorial service for Dr. Ellie Rosenfield.

Tentative time: 3 pm - 4 pm service with a reception after

Tentative location: Panara Theatre, LBJ Bldg and Dyer Art Center


Sherlock Steve said...

I checked the NTID site, NTID calender, and RIT calender. there is NO mention of this memorial. PROVE it before you get called on the carpet here. You will have a lot of people angry at you.

Orange and Brown Coalition said...

Sherlock Steve

Dr. Robb Adams of NTID released the announcement of the "save the date" and time.

O & B simply wanted to inform people of the confirmed date and time so they could plan accordingly.

Feel free to email Dr. Robb Adams for confirmation. He posted his email address in the first vlog tribute we made to Ellie - inviting people to contact him)

Thank you for your concern.

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