Friday, February 22, 2008

RIT/NTID AGBell Update

Signed by Joe Kolash


Moi! said...

Sighs. That sounds like so much work. But good proceeding, and hope it will be successful!

tayler said...

I have so much respect for Alan Hurwitz. But I have personally spoken to him and he implied that removing the AGB plaque was out of his hands.

Again, out of respect to Dr. Hurwitz, I recommend this coalition to bypass NTID and address this issue to RIT directly.

Joseph Pietro Riolo said...

Responding to Mr. Tayler Mayer's comment:

The answer provided by President Destler at made it clear that he asked Vice President Hurwitz to lead a group to assess the issues. Let’s leave it that way.

I have a question: Does anybody know how Vice President Hurwitz will gather input from the alumni? Is it too early to ask the question? :-)

Joseph Pietro Riolo

Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

tayler said...

I was afraid someone would say that. I understand going through "appropriate channels".

However, this has been taken up with NTID administration on more than one occasion in the past. Nothing was done. At all. We were given the brush-off. Not a single further thought was given to it.

If the "appropriate channels" are given a chance, and does not work, you take it up to the next level until someone listens.

Believe me, if I felt this "Task Force" was a good opportunity, I would pursue this channel. But I, as a RIT/NTID alumni, know firsthandly that this will go nowhere.

The Provost has said if enough people complains about the plaque, he would look into it. That's who we should be talking to. Skip the NTID charades and speak to those who can really make a difference. After all, if the NTID "Task Force" takes removing the AGB plaque as an agenda, they would have to put it through RIT anyhow. Skip this round. Take it amongst yourselves to make it an agenda!

Joseph Pietro Riolo said...

I can't help but notice that you will not be content until you get what you want (to have the plaque removed). I may be making an awfully wrong assumption about your motivation and I am open to correction.

I don't like to entertain the idea of mobbing or overwhelming the president or provost with the letters from the people who want to see the plaque removed. It is not that I oppose the people's choice to write a letter to the president or provost. It only bypasses the deliberative process that afford the dissents the opportunity to air their views and opinions.

I feel that this is the main reason (only from my own conjecture) why President Destler wanted Vice President Hurwitz to set up a group. I am sure that he wanted a deliberative process so that the people from all sides will have an opportunity to air their views. Whatever the recommendation that will be made by the group, whatever the decision that will be made by President Destler and whatever the decision that will be made by the Board of Trustees all will be entered in the annals of RIT. I think that this will exceed your desire to be heard.

Joseph Pietro Riolo

Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

tayler said...

Of course nothing is done until it is done. We have moved up the evolutionary scale because we are not content, we are always improvising into the future.

However it is with sadness that the AGBell plaque keeps NTID in the horrendous past--one where he wanted to sterilize deaf people. His eugenics movement was copied by Hitler who successfully carried out a holocaust of unimaginable multitude.

Our congress asks that we write to our representatives about issues that effect us. There is nothing wrong with writing letters. Not to do so is to silence ourselves into eternal passiveness.

I wrote above that I witnessed "deliberative processes" at NTID not accomplishing anything, which is why I am recommending this coalition not to make the "Task Force" their only hope.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mr. Hurwitz will invite some Deaf professionals to be in his study group (I am not sure if this is appropriate word to use) if he includes exclusively hearing people then it is not acceptable. It is related to deaf issue therefore he needs to include Deaf professionals on panel/study group. I hope deaf professionals will follow this closely to assure that Deaf professionals are involved making decision what to do with Hitler's best friend...the plague on the wall. If they reject to remove the plague then I think it would be nice if the Deaf community contact Jewish organizatation to get their support.

tayler said...

Penny, Joe Kolash didn't say the task force was designed for the removal of the AGB plaque. Nor can we assume the task force will make it an agenda that they will propose to President Destler.

It will be a hard fight even to be considered as an agenda.

Anonymous said...

Tayler- I thought Joe thanked us for sending comments, e-mails and petition re; removing the plague from the wall. He stated the President asked Hurwitz to arrange task force. Hurwitz announced through e-mail that he plans to have a group study and will bring attention to the President of RIT so that the President can have the BOT to look over it. If you said Joe didn't say that the task force was designed for the removal of the AGB plaque then what was his message then? I am confused now.

Anonymous said...
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tayler said...

Penny, the task force is to communicate general issues NTID would like President Destler to address.

Orange and Brown Coalition said...

Just wanted to be clarify that Joe explained that they are in processing about AG BELL plaque:
Joe mentioned that Alan sent an e-mail to let us know what we are going to do about it.

NTID Community:

As you may know, there have been a considerable number of concerns expressed by members of the RIT/NTID community about the name of the Alexander G. Bell Hall and commemorative plaque honoring Bell posted in the foyer of the building. It is argued by many that a number of attitudes, opinions, and actions that Alexander G. Bell promoted during his lifetime are not supportive of the diversity of people who are deaf, and therefore do not represent NTID.

I have decided to establish an advisory group to provide me with guidance on how to proceed on this issue. My decision of what action to take may include the possibility of replacing both the name and plaque. (You should be aware that renaming a building would require the support of Dr. Destler, and is ultimately the decision of the RIT Board of Trustees.)

The group will be composed of representatives of NTID faculty and staff governance groups, the NTID Student Congress, the Deaf Professional Group, alumni, and me; I will be convening the group. It is my intention to have a recommendation by May 1, 2008.

Alan Hurwitz

Anonymous said...

Oragne Brown Coalition- Thanks for confirmed my messages. I hope that Hurowitz will invite some Deaf Professionals in advisory group or to have a say in front of BOT. Do not give up. If they say Jewish organizations and NAD...have all Deaf students and Professioanls classes etc if RIT/NTID turns down to remove the plague. We can fight all the way and win. Don't ever say it is hard or difficult. You all can do it. Look at MLK and others. They did not give in.

If BOT turn is a joke! They do not know anything about Deaf issues, history, language and culture. They think they know but they don't!

Pam said...

Where is the transcript for this? I am Deaf but the non-signing public needs to know and understands this issue too.

Pam Siebert

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