Friday, May 23, 2008

Update - FW: Open Meeting on AGBell Decisions

On 5/23/08 6:27 AM, "Alan Hurwitz" wrote:

Dear Colleagues and Students:

After sending the email below, I was asked by a number of individuals to expand the opportunities (beyond the forum in early June), to allow for added discussion. I am happy to do so, and will take advantage of our 40th anniversary reunion to solicit feedback and in addition will provide opportunities for discussions involving students and our faculty, staff, and student governance groups in the fall.




Anonymous said...


Please do that. It will not go away under the rug. It will be bothersome until it is resolved by removing the AGB from the building.

Please don't ignore the Deaf people.

Thank you.

Sherlock Steve said...

Mr. Hurwitz:

It is with respect that we should be holding forth a meeting during the 40th anniversary reunion with all of the alumni. It is important meeting since are supporters of NTID as we are alumni.

I should also ask you that you request RIT President, Dr. Destiler (sp) to please attend to these meetings since he will need to be involved about the Tower B dorm.

I look forward to meeting you and sitting down for a general discussion to resolve the name of the Tower B dorm.

many thanks.

Steve Baier
aka Sherlock Steve.

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